Rahmon urges Tajikistanis to use resources rationally

By | 01.01.2022
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In his New Year’s address, which is posted on his official website, President Emomali Rahmon calls on Tajikistanis use resources rationally.  

He, in particular, emphasized  his address that the situation in the region and the world is more and more complicated and becomes unpredictable.

In addition to this, global problems – climate change, drought, low water levels, rise in prices for food products, fuels and shortage of food products — become urgent and put the whole of humanity in a difficult position, the president noted.

“Under such conditions, we must strive to use available resources and opportunities as efficiently and rationally, saturate the food market, that is, the needs of the people, in food further provide the food market, that is, to meet the food needs of the population, strengthen the country’s export capacities and give priority to the issue of economy and frugality,” says the address

Rahmon further noted, “We have enough resources and opportunities for achievement of our good intentions and implementation of creative plans and programs,  and what is most important, our , most importantly, our patriotic people are hardworking and united.” 

Read more: https://www.asiaplustj.info/en/news/tajikistan/power/20211231/rahmon-urges-tajikistanis-to-use-resources-rationally

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