‘The country will need him again’ Boris Johnson poised to make political comeback

By | 25.07.2022
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Boris Johnson: ‘The country will need him again’ says Marland

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Conservative peer Lord Marland has joined the ranks of Conservative politicians who demand Boris Johnson come back on the political scene as the country grapples with a set of unprecedented challenges. Speculation of a potential return has grown since the outgoing Prime Minister reportedly told aides he will be back as Prime Minister within a year. Mr Johnson was forced on his way out after a total of 57 ministers resigned from his Government in just 48 hours.

Speaking on LBC, Lord Marland said: “The country will need him again. He will come back a more experienced politician. In a way, that sounds rather patronising – I don’t mean to turn in that way – but towards the end – he was surrounded by, if you like, not the right people.

“That was starting to change but he couldn’t at any point come up and start rebooting, because there were these endless crises that he was to be confronted with.

“And let’s be fair, he dealt with some crises with absolutely superb in Ukraine, the vaccine programme, getting back Britain working.

“But in the end, he hasn’t got the civil service working for him and he didn’t have his parliamentary colleagues working for him.”

“So, reluctantly, I’m of the view having obviously told your listeners and others that they need to be careful what they wish for”, Lord Marland said.

“That Boris is an outstanding politician but now, it’s over. It’s kind of over for the moment.”

In a sign of renewed support for the outgoing Prime Minister, at least 7,600 Conservative Party members have signed a petition calling on Mr Johnson to be added to the leadership ballot.

However, Mr Marland does not believe he will be back in the near future.

He said: “It is no surprise that there’s unrest within the Tory membership that they want him to continue.

“But I’m afraid they’re wrong. His time was up. He resigned; he realised his time was up.

“But that doesn’t mean, Rachel, that he can’t come again. And I very much hope he does.”

Rachel Johnson then said: “He’s like a lettuce, cut and come again.”

Mr Marland said: “No, he’s no lettuce.

“If he decides to be back in politics, he will be the great shadow that hangs over the politics as long as he wishes to stay.”

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Boris Johnson was forced out of the premiership over the Chris Pincher scandal that led to the resignation of both his former Health Minister Sajid Javid and Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Their resignations triggered a wave of resignations that left the outgoing Prime Minister no choice but to hand his own resignation.

Two former and current members of his Cabinet – Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak – are now running to replace him as the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister – and win over around 160,000 party members who will be picking the winner in a postal ballot over the summer.

The two contenders will be campaigning this summer until September 5 when the winner will be announced.

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