Thugs steal watch at gunpoint before returning it to victim because it was fake

By | 24.07.2022
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Thieves were spotted on CCTV mugging two tourists for a watch at gunpoint before returning it when they realised it was fake.

The horrifying incident occurred last Sunday evening (July 17) in the Italian city of Naples, at Monidee Café on one of the city’s main squares.

The two tourists were Swiss, according to CNN.

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The footage shows them enjoying a drink outside before a man dressed in black brazenly walks over and whips out a gun.

The tourists immediately jump back in fear before the thief calmly swipes the watch and walks away.

Around seven minutes later another man returns to the table with his hands raised, as if to say sorry, and gives them the watch back.

The watch was a counterfeit Richard Mille, which the thieves thought was worth €300,000 (£255,000) according to Francesco Emilio Borrelli, a councillor for the Campania region, where Naples is situated.

Antonio Visconti, the bar’s owner, doesn’t think they returned it out of the kindness of their hearts.

He told CNN: “They brought it back saying ‘Sorry, sorry,’ maybe as an attempt to get him not to report it.”

He also said that the tourist didn’t seem too shaken up, instead describing the ordeal as an “adventure”.

Borrelli has launched a campaign against crime in Naples’ central squares, which has become a growing issue.

“In 2019 there was a ‘stesa’ [a mafia intimidation technique] with kids shooting into the sky,” he said.

“Another time, in 2018, there were delinquents circulating in the crowd, armed, to shoot another criminal. We had video of people fleeing in the middle of the square.

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“A few weeks ago I shared a video of someone filming a Tiktok by swimming in the fountain. In the evening, [the piazza] becomes an illegal car park.”

He said that the issue is the lack of surveillance in an area that, given the tourism, should be one of the safest rather than most dangerous parts of Naples.


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